Conduct and dress are dictated by rules of good taste and are at the discretion of management

Safety will be strictly enforced

No fast or reckless skating

Alcoholic beverages and narcotics are forbidden

Loitering in the lobby or parking lot is not permitted

Parents are welcome to observe and/or inspect at any time, free  of charge

Hats are NOT allowed​

We reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone not adhering to the above guidelines


Be​​​​​​​cause of the normal ​​​risks of roller skating and the maintaining of one's balance​, you should  recognize that when skating at our facility, you voluntarily ​​​assume such risks​​​​​​​​


No "In and Out " privileges

Re-entry will not be permitted

Not responsible for lost or stolen articles

A NON SMOKING facility


Hats, caps, purses, hair brushes, sunglasses (etc) are not permitted on the skating floor,  lockers are provided for your safety and convenience